Kleine ex-vriendin naakt in hotel kamer

What a cutie! I’m a sucker for curvy hips and this girl has some nice ones. If you look closely you can spy a tattoo on her hip, as well, which tells me she’s a bit on the wild side. Then again, she IS posing nude so I guess we really don’t need a tattoo to tell us she’s a bit of a naughty girl. Plus, she definitely has all the right equipment prized by the superficial male (pretty much all of us).

Patrick was dating his ex girlfriend for about six months. Unfortunately, he spent most of his work time on the road, traveling across the country. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so Patrick spent a small fortune flying her to his location for a three day weekend. After the first night of some drunken revelry, he awoke along the next morning to a ringing iphone. It turned out she had mixed up their phones (she had his) & when Patrick went to answer it, it was a picture of a naked dude with a message stating how he couldn’t wait until she got home so he could be inside her again. Of course Patrick sent her packing right away has never spoke with her again. At least you got one last pop in there. Thanks Patrick !

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